Home Solutions 8 rungs green ladder

  • Reclaimed solid teak in original patina
  • Green enamelled uprights
  • Assembled cabinet


35/55 cm


4 cm


175 cm


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Product description

The Home Solution collection designed by d-Bodhi includes furniture and furnishing accessories in recycled solid teak wood combined with other recycled materials such as iron, woven paper, rubber.

The creative combination of unusual materials makes these objects unique and contemporary interior design details.

The eight-rung ladder measures 35/55 x 4 x 175 cm and is in solid reclaimed teak wood in a natural finish, the uprights are in green-enamelled teak.

It represents a pleasant piece of furniture that can also act as a magazine rack or towel holder, if used in the bathroom.

Also available with light blue enamelled uprights, with seven or nine teak rungs in natural finish, with seven natural teak rungs and light blue enamelled uprights.

Product details

Home Solutions ladder 8 rungs

Material: Reclaimed solid teak in original patina

Green enamelled uprights

Dimensions: L 35/55 x P 4 x H 175 cm

Weight: 7 kg

Assembled cabinet

Suggested treatments

To maintain the beauty and shine of your furniture, dust them regularly with a soft, dry wool or cotton cloth.

We advise you to periodically spread beeswax on the wood surface, let it dry for at least a day, then rub with a soft and dry woolen cloth.

Avoid abrasive products and direct exposure to the sun and heat because sudden changes in temperature can cause deformations and cracks, do not place wet or hot containers on the wood because you risk leaving traces that are difficult to remove.

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