Mobile Kleo 6 drawers wooden front 180 cm

  • Patina wood recovered from disused Javanese boats
  • Sheet recovered from old barrels with original colors
  • Assembled cabinet


180 cm


45 cm


60 cm


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Product description

The Kleo collection designed by Kleo Interior combines the warmth and bright colors of the old patina wood from disused Javanese boats with the solidity of the sheet metal obtained from old barrels cut, opened and stretched to be remodeled for the frames of this furniture.

Even the sheet metal retains its original colors and the fronts of the doors are enriched with silk-screened writings.

Kleo is made with original materials, so each piece of furniture has particular color shades that make it unique and unrepeatable.

The Kleo six-drawer cabinet measures 180 x 45 x 60 cm.

The frame is in sheet metal obtained from old barrels, the drawers are in patina wood from disused Javanese boats.

This piece of furniture can be placed anywhere, in the living room as a TV stand, in the kitchen to hold cutlery and tablecloths but it is also very practical in the bedroom as a chest of drawers for storing various clothes.

Product details

Kleo cabinet with 6 drawers with wooden front

Material: Wood recovered from disused Javanese boats

Sheet recovered from old barrels with original colors

Finish: Original patina

Drawer fronts in wood

Dimensions: L 180 x P 45 x H 60 cm

Weight: 82 kg

Assembled cabinet

Suggested treatments

To maintain the beauty and shine of your furniture, dust them regularly with a soft, dry wool or cotton cloth.

We advise you to periodically spread beeswax on the wood surface, let it dry for at least a day, then rub with a soft and dry woolen cloth.

Avoid abrasive products and direct exposure to the sun and heat because sudden changes in temperature can cause deformations and cracks, do not place wet or hot containers on the wood because you risk leaving traces that are difficult to remove.

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